COVID-19 Response

SX2 is actively mass-producing FDA approved 3D Printed Nasopharyngeal (NP) Collection Swabs to solve the supply-chain shortage of traditional NP Collection Swabs.  Our goal is to eliminate the shortage, increase testing and help our country return to normal. 
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NP Swab Regulatory Information

NP Swabs, intended to collect specimens from a patient, are Class I devices exempt from premarket notifications according to 21 CFR 880.6025 Absorbent tipped applicator.

The FDA requires medical device manufacturers to register their facility and list their products according to 21 CFR 80720.

SX2 Technologies Registration Number: 3016785514 (Link)

Applicator, Absorbent Tipped, Sterile, Product Code KXG (Link)

Applicator, Absorbent Tipped, Non-Sterile, Product Code KXF (Link)

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